The University of Missouri is a big school, and there’s a lot of news happening around campus at all times. It’s important to know where to go to see upcoming events and activities to get involved with, hear about clubs and organizations, and of course, get the weekly sports news!

Here are a few of the blogs we check most regularly for MU information!


The Maneater

The student newspaper, The Maneater, is one of our favorite sources to keep up to date with what’s happening on campus, with our sports teams, in town, and more, and it runs as an independent student news organization on campus.

Whenever we see something going down on campus, we check out the Police Beat. Move Magazine has updates about what’s happening in Columbia, including a music section. We keep an eye on it to know about upcoming concerts.

PowerMizzou covers a lot of college football, basketball, and various other sports around the country. We read this blog to hear from third-party reporters outside of the university.

They have a forums section where you can post and discuss with other sports fans, including a Tiger Ticket Exchange if you’re looking to buy or sell game tickets. They also cover recruiting for football and basketball, so you can know what to expect in upcoming seasons.


President’s Blog

We keep an eye on the President’s Blog to hear official updates from the university. President Mun Choi has a number of vlogs that he’s posted introducing himself and covering topics about leadership, collaboration, and stakeholders.

He doesn’t post too frequently, but we do read updates when they are available.


Columbia Daily Tribune

Lastly, we read the Columbia Daily Tribune to see what’s happening locally here in Columbia. They cover some MU news, but they also have plenty of local news so that we know what’s going on off campus. Often, we skim the front pages and check out the events calendar for things to do in town.


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