As finals week approaches, we know tensions are high. Between studying, getting sleep, and maintaining a social life, this time of year is stressful. Here are some of our best tips on staying sane during finals week.


Unpredictability is one of the biggest factors of stress. To minimize this, try to schedule out as much as you can. Find time to study, make plans for a night out with friends, or plan to go to a yoga class before the chaos of finals week sets in. Having things locked into your schedule will make these hectic days feel more stable and five you less to worry about.


It’s a common problem during finals week to skip sleep entirely. This is one of the worst things you can do. Like we suggested above, schedule time for everything – even sleep. Your brain can’t retain information or do its best with test without true rest, so make sleep a priority.


We know most of your days will go into studying and basic survival during finals, but try to remember your health is important too. Drink plenty of water, eat regular, balanced meals, and take breaks when possible. Eye strain from staring at a computer screen can create headaches, rendering you useless for further studying. Spend a few minutes relaxing every few hours to give your eyes and brain a break.


One of the best motivators for making it through a hard time is having something to look forward to when it’s over. Make plans with your friends to celebrate the end of the semester when all your tests are done. Even a simple night of dinner and a movie will give you something to look forward to at the end of a stressful finals week.

Do you have other ways to survive the inevitable finals week? Let us know!

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